Adjustable piano bench?

Playing the piano can be a stressful occupation.  It is made even more painful when the pianist has poor posture. Sometimes poor posture happens because we are seated too high or low.

The first stick person is leaning forward. Her hand is bent upward with a tendency to lean it on the board below the keys.The middle person is seated correctly with back straight and arms at a 180 degree angle. The third stick person  is seated too high.  He has to lean over  and reach down to get his hands on the keys.  You could, of course, find some pillows or books or magazines if you are too short, but they are not comfortable.  Believe me, I have tried them all. The best solution is an adjustable bench; they are more expensive but worth the price.

I was a guest  at a choir rehearsal last night. The pianist came in and immediately adjusted the piano bench. He was quite tall, so he lowered the bench  to be a proper height.  Even so, he had to lean over to see the music.

I have had back problems for many years so I wanted to tell the pianist in the paragraph above to get a pair of reading glasses that would allow him to see the music without bending over. Most music for children is fairly large but if your child wears glasses, you might want to see if they are strong enough for him/her to see easily.

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